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The Horror Show with Brian Keene

THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE is a weekly podcast hosted by best-selling writer Brian Keene and musician, animation and video game veteran Dave Thomas. Each week, Brian, Dave, and their occasional co-hosts (authors Geoff Cooper and Mary SanGiovanni, director Mike Lombardo, the bubbly Phoebe, and nine-year-old Dungeonmaster 77.1) discuss the latest news in horror fiction, films, comic books, games, and more, along with in-depth interviews with horror’s biggest names, historical perspectives on the genre, and much more.

Apr 26, 2018



Wile E. Young visits the studio to discuss Godzilla, Goosebumps, his influences, meeting Richard Laymon's remains, CLICKERS FOREVER, and his forthcoming collaboration with Stephen Kozeniewski. Plus the Universal Fancon con, JAWBREAKERS, Michael Bailey parts ways with Dark Regions, Amber Fallon's new anthology, Dave's Tesseract experience, and Mary's quest for a Philly Cheese Steak.